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Zeus & Lexi Kids is an online kids boutique providing fashion and style for girls of all ages. Let’s rewind to Winter of 2017. We had three daycare centers and decided that we wanted to embark on a new journey.  So, starting a children’s clothing line just felt like the next logical step for us. We wanted to provide parents with high quality clothes without having to go broke to dress their kids in stylish clothing that also allows kids to be kids.  
Zeus follows his name to the fullest extent.  He is definitely the king of the backyard and a Lexi best protector.  He’s very courageous and a go getter.




Lexi is a trendsetter and loves to wear stylish clothes.  Although she maybe small she is mighty and definitely loves to take control.  






Why shop with Zeus and Lexi Kids?

WE only sell high quality products.
WE treat our customers with respect as we would want to be treated.
WE aim to spread happiness.
WE strive to promote kindness towards others.
WE encourage being unique and always following your dreams.
WE want to set a standard for hard work and dedication.
WE want the kids that wear our clothes to always feel confident, happy and inspire others that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. 

How else can I follow the story of Zeus and Lexi Kids?

We also have a blog that you can follow our journey on. There, we share our story of our happiness, stress, moments we never want to forget, and steps we took along the way.  

We hope you embark on this journey with us!

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